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Janitorial Bidding Software

**** For Windows Only****

**** Requires Microsoft Excel****

For contractors interested in more detailed bidding software, which allows you to input detailed measurements, fixture counts, and frequencies, view screen shots of BidClean here.

Janitorial Bidding Software features:

green checkmark.gifRedesigned user interface

    User friendly

    Short learning curve

green checkmark.gifSoftware automatically adjusts for the following cleaning variables:

    Building type

    Building size

    Building density

    Cleaning frequency

    Type of flooring

    Level of cleaning difficulty

green checkmark.gif Bid on the following types of jobs with ease & confidence:


    Strip/wax, scrub/wax, and burnishing

    Restorative & interim carpet cleaning

    Window cleaning

green checkmark.gif Add additional charges to your bid:

    Supervisor & day porter charges

    Extra time cleaning

green checkmark.gifOffer your customers a choice of 3 different cleaning packages.

    Full Service

    Partial Service

    Economy Service

green checkmark.gif Reasonably priced at $149

Create a janitorial bid in four easy steps:

green checkmark.gif 1. Select a building type

         Car Dealership
         Day Care
         Health Club
         Medical office
         Office building
         Restaurant/food service
         Service company/light mfg
         Transportation, automotive

green checkmark.gif 2. Enter your building measurements

         Enter only the following gross square footage totals....no need to itemize rooms/areas.

         Total building square feet
         Break area(s)

green checkmark.gif 3. Enter the amount of carpet & select cleaning difficulty

green checkmark.gif 4. Calculate your billing rate

Give your customers a choice.

Your customers can choose any combination of the following cleaning packages:

green checkmark.gif Full Cleaning

green checkmark.gif Partial Cleaning

green checkmark.gif Economy Cleaning

Most if not all of your competition won't be able to or be interested in providing anything less than a full cleaning service each day; so, that gives you a big advantage in offering this option to your customers.

Save your customers money

Do you have prospects who want to hire a quality cleaning service contractor but also want to save money in the process. Who doesn't? In today's economy almost everyone is tightening their belts and trying to save money. That being the case, why not invest in janitorial bidding software that's already set up to assist you with that. My Janitorial Bidding Software is programmed to do just that.

Image how refreshing it will be for your prospects to be given the option to virtually choose their own price to have their building cleaned. Well, they won't be able to pick a price out of thin air and hope that you'll agree. However, they will have the option to choose from various cleaning service package options, which my bidding software is able to calculate, thereby customizing a service package that fits into their budget. Your customers will be able to mix and match different cleaning service options in any combination that they prefer.

Janitorial Bidding Software benefits:

green checkmark.gif User Friendly

Janitorial Bidding Software is easy to use. Spend your time submitting winning bids, not learning software. Some software is so complex that you need a class or a huge manual just to learn how to use it. Not Janitorial Bidding Software. If you can type information into a spreadsheet, you can use my software. 

green checkmark.gif Affordable

Very reasonably priced at $149, compared with other janitorial bidding software. Pay once and you're done. No monthly online access charges or pay per use fees. 

green checkmark.gif You Own It

You'll have full ownership and control of your software, bids, and customer data, no worries about leaving your data on a remote server online. 

green checkmark.gif Complete Bid In Minutes

You'll be producing amazingly accurate bids in just a matter of minutes. 

green checkmark.gif Industry Standard Cleaning Frequencies

Following the included cleaning specifications chart will provide your customers with a clean building at an affordable price. 

Janitorial Bidding Software Screenshots & Slideshow:

Click on the first thumbnail image to view all images in a slideshow, or click on any individual thumbnail to view a full sized image. You may also click through full sized images with the "previous" and "next" buttons while in full sized mode.

Enter your customer information here.

Customer Input

Add charges for supervisor and day porter here.

Cleaning Specifications Chart

Calculate your hourly billing rate and profit here.

Labor $

Choose level of service here.

Cleaning Frequency & Level of Service

Enter building measurements here.

Building Measurements

Calculate your vinyl floor care pricing here.

Vinyl floor care sliders

Caculate your carpet cleaning pricing here.

Carpet cleaning sliders

Caculate your window cleaning pricing here.

Window cleaning

View an account summary of your income & profit, cleaning times, and production rate for each bid you submit.

Account Summary

Make sure your customer knows what gets done and how often it gets done with the included Bid Specifications Chart.

Cleaning Specifications Chart

Utilize my Cleaning Service Agreement to make sure that all of your i's are dotted and your t's are crossed.

Cleaning Service Agreement, Page 1

Cleaning Service Agreement, Page 2

Cleaning Service Agreement, Page 2

Make a good impression by highlighting the reasons why your prospect should hire you with the included Bid Cover Letter.

Bid cover letter

Show your professionalism and avoid customer complaints by performing regular, scheduled inspections with the included Quality Inspection Form.

Quality Inspection Form

Include a list of your satisfied customers.


Print your bid packet and documents.


Gather and record all the necessary information on the included Bid Survey Forms during your bid walk-through in order to enter the information into your Janitorial Bidding Software when you arrive back at your home or office.

Bid Survey Form, page 1

Bid Survey Form, page 1

We're serious about Your Security.

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For more information about FastSpring.com, visit their website. Fastspring.com


green checkmark.gif Instant product download

No waiting for confirmation email.

You'll be able to download my software immediately after purchase!

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Buy Janitorial Bidding Software for only $149

Buy BidClean for only $149